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Annabel Redd's an athletic, sporty, playful kind of girl. She's just returned from her bike ride and she's still full of sauce and sex juices. She's not tired at all. Annabel burns off the excess energy by twerking, grinding, boob shaking, stretching and doing splits. Playing with her hairy pussy is another way to burn some big tit energy. Keeping up with these young babes can be draining. Definitely worth the drain though. "I was never involved in sports or anything," said Annabel. "I did gymnastics for a minute. I do ballet and yoga. I love yoga and I go to dance classes. I would really like to try skydiving. The idea of flying in the air makes me tingle. "Believe it or not, I'm a huge introvert. I love staying home and watching movies, maybe cook something tasty to snack on while we watch a movie or TV show."